Video Production

Carry your audience down the marketing funnel with engaging video content.

What is Video Production?

Video production is the process of capturing moving images to create video content.

Because all images generated, or recorded, are stored digitally, we can edit together real footage and CGI. Both traditional video production and 3D production can be broken down into three stages:

  • Traditional: Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.
  • 3D: Modelling, Animation, Rendering.

Why use it in Marketing

Video can be used at every stage of the marketing funnel to attract, engage and convert an audience.

Whether promotional, educational, technical, instructional or entertaining, research suggests videos get better engagement and that two thirds of us are more likely to convert after seeing a video.

Our creative and technical experts apply the production method best suited to the client’s communication objectives.
We can get involved in any stage of the production process and our high-quality digital output can be
repurposed, reformatted and resized for any communication channel.


"Prospekt are fantastic partners whose content elevated our brand."

Christoph Kaul, General Manager at Kenra Professional and Authentic Beauty Concept US

CGI Video.

In CGI videos we control every aspect of your content.

Our talented 3D artists use photo-realistic images and blur the lines of reality by capturing movement in a way that is just not possible through a lens.

Because we design everything on a computer screen we can help marketers get a head-start on their launch campaigns, creating visual content assets even before manufacture.

We work with you on the creative concept and storyboard, providing you with captivating content that can be used in-store, at events, online and out of home.

Our high-resolution, quality imagery can be repurposed for any communication channel.

Traditional Video.

Traditional Video involves acting, directing and filming in studio or on-location.

We have a highly-skilled team dedicated to capturing your story on camera and helping you to achieve your marketing objectives.

We work with you to understand the goal of the video, as well the style and sentiment you want to capture.

Once we understand this, we'll outline the storyboard and script and move into producing your video content.

We'll take care of the shoot and post-production, adding animation, motion graphics and music to create the final output for you to publish and distribute to your audience.

Whether it's promotional, educational, technical or branded content, it's all about the story, and telling it well.

Traditional Video Production

Traditional video production has a lot of moving parts. We help our clients to manage this complex process from start to finish, taking care of the creative direction, storyboarding, filming and editing to deliver on your goals.


Ideation & Storyboard


Shot lists

Location, actors and equipment


Sound & Lighting

Video Shoot & Direction

Green Screen & Tracking

Scenes & B-Roll



Motion Graphics & Animation

Video Editing

Post Production & Grading

The Hybrid.

Combining CGI with real footage adds authenticity and unique flair.

3D rendering is used to create a variety of photorealistic and 'impossible' visuals, while traditional video production captures real-life, authentic footage.

The smooth fusion of the two production methods (known as compositing), allows us to create cost-effective content that integrates authenticity with invention.

Giving you a unique design and special on-screen moments, that elevate your brand and make your story more impactful.



Video Use Cases

Digital Campaigns

Product Glorification

Technical Explanations & How Tos

Social Media


Exhibition & POS Video Walls

YouTube Bumper Ads

Corporate Training

Behind the Scenes


Whatever you need...

Digital Campaigns.

This pure CGI video was used for a digital awareness campaign distributed across global media platform, Teads.

We used 3D rendering to create a variety of photorealistic and 'impossible' visuals, which would get the attention of users online.

Now Right Guard has the packshot as a 3D asset, they can ensure brand consistency by using this across all of their communication touch points.



Explainer Videos & Tutorials.

We applied the Hybrid approach to create a tutorial series that teaches the application of unique shades and colouring techniques to Hairdressers and Stylists.

We shot the footage for Igora, and merged it with 3D Motion Graphics to make the content more engaging for the students.




Social Media.

Tangle Teezer supplied us with multiple self-made Influencer videos, which our post-production experts upcylced into social-media-ready campaign posts.

2D animation was overlaid to create the appropriate brand experience and capture the attention of the Instagram scrollers.

Sparks was a 3D stop motion production, which ensured brand consistency and allowed us to quickly create multiple assets to be used on their social media channels.


42 products in the BlondMe range were 3D rendered to improve eShop recognition.

The video animation made use of this glorified packaging to give BlondMe's customers a little more to look at than a simple, flat image.



Technical Videos.

It's not always possible to capture things that happen beyond the eye, but 3D captures the impossible.

For haircare brand Pravana, we captured the affect of lactic acid on the hair shaft. Showing how it moisturises and strengthens the hair.



Academy of Hair
American Influencer Awards
Annings Cider
Association of Ideas
Authentic Beauty Concept
BC Bonacure
Bentley Motors
Brown Forman
Chroma ID
Creative Head Magazine
Diplomatico Rum
El Jimador
Essential Looks
Extra Care
Fibre Clinix
Fords Gin
Funkin Cocktails
General Mills
Gin Mare
Green Giant
Henkel Beauty Care
Jack Daniels
Old El Paso
Old Forester
Red Paddle Co
Right Guard
Salcombe Gin
Salon Lab
Sard Wonder
Schwarzkopf Professional
Sexy Hair
Shaping Futures
Tangle Teezer
Tom's Pies
True Beautiful Honest
Tyler Johnston Hair
Woodford Reserve

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