Right Guard Digital Campaign.

The global media platform, Teads, needed playful banners as part of a digital awareness campaign to showcase Right Guard's new packaging for the Total Defence 5 Series. We created this short, eye-catching video for them to use in their interactive display campaigns.

Campaign Objective: Reach.


To generate awareness of the new packaging Right Guard is focusing on maximising reach.

They opted for the global media platform, Teads, to distribute Ads across their global site list, targeting a custom audience of 25-54 years olds with a range of interests and habits.

To selectively boost the campaign, a contextual strategy layer was added for public holidays and weather changes.

Teads are taking an always-on approach, using inRead video and display Ads (example on the right) to retarget video viewers.

According to Teads, giving users the option to interact with Ads increases the time users spend with the brand message, and optimises the brand experience.

Teads - The Global Media Platform

Teads distributes advertising to 1.5 billion people every month.

They create 'experience' video and display adverts that are optimised for mobile. This means users can interact with them in some way, as opposed to just viewing them.

The interaction element coupled with the ad placement - in the heart of professionally-produced editorial - means users can enjoy engaging and brand safe ad experiences.

An Eye-Tracking Study done by Lumen showed that ads created for the mobile experience get 4x the attention versus standard 300 x 250 ads.

ads created for the mobile experience see 4x the attention vs standard 300x250

Research & Development

Our 3D artists created short clips as part of their R&D, which we provided as a value add for Right Guard to use in their digital channels.

The Total Defence 5 Series provides 48h protection against the five signs of perspiration: odour, wetness, stickiness, bacteria and stains.

We used the purity of water to convey the 'CLEAN' edition in this series.