3D Production

Give your audience the most unique experience of their lives.

What is 3D Production?

3D is a method of content production that uses 3D computer graphics. Think of it like creating a virtual version of something on a computer, using geometric data.

As soon as we have these 'virtual' objects modelled to the exact dimensions of the real thing, we can manipulate them however we choose. Making them look as real as possible and using animation to create motion.

Why use it in Marketing

3D is the closest we get to allowing users to explore products and services on-screen. Brands choose 3D production because it allows them to:

  • give users more of an 'experience' online before they buy
  • create unique content that gets noticed
  • communicate highly technical product features
  • deliver on advertising content ahead of a product launch
  • ensure brand consistency across communication touchpoints

Our creative and technical experts produce 3D stills, animation and motion graphics for brand, product, marketing, education, technical, social and corporate communication.
We adopt the style most appropriate for the tone of voice and objective – whether it is photo real, glorified, technical or abstract.

Our high-resolution, quality imagery can be repurposed for any communication channel, covering in-store, digital and out-of-home.

Our 3D models are made with or without computer-aided design (CAD) files.


Product Visualisation & Glorification.


In 3D we control every aspect of an image. Using technical drawings and packaging designs we're able to produce 3D design assets before a product is even manufactured, giving marketing a head-start on their launch material.

Using Computer Generated Imagery we can carefully adjust the lighting and colours to create blemish-free, glorified product visuals, without a photo-shoot.

3D brings consistency to your marketing and ensures flexibility if there are design changes or product line extensions. No need to book in expensive studio time, we simply re-open the 3D scene and make adjustments.


3D coffee promotional video mesh

Photo realistic imagery which didn't need retouching

Packshots, 360 Product Spins & Animation.


Once you have your packshot modelled in 3D, you can manipulate it however you choose.

We integrate your product into any scene, ensuring brand and product consistency is maintained. No need to worry about matching previous camera and lighting setups – all our 3D scenes are on file, so we can readily create new ones.

We create photo real imagery to give customers a true representation of your product before they buy. 360 degree product spins and interactive designs are perfect for eCommerce platforms where customers are looking for a more immersive brand experience.


These packshots were used in both print and eCommerce collateral

Advertising Campaigns & Product Launch Reveals.


Having full creative control over the content allows us to go beyond reality and deliver engaging, scroll-stopping ads. We are able to create pre-launch imagery to assist in product reveals, before manufacture, getting the audience revved up for launch.

Our talented 3D motion graphics artists, use photo-realistic images and blur the lines of reality by capturing movement in a way that is just not possible through a lens.

We work with you on the creative concept and storyboard, providing you with captivating content that can be used in-store, at events, online and out of home. Our high-resolution, quality imagery can be repurposed for any communication channel.


Celebrating the unmistakable craftsmanship and exquisite Bentley design

Event & Trade Marketing.


Once the 3D asset for your product is created, we can incorporate it into your entire digital and print marketing content, giving you visual design consistency and maximum return on investment.

We use our 3D capabilities to create memorable experiences in-store and at events, as well as providing unique educational content that supports brand recognition among your trade partners.

We give trade marketing the tools they need to pre-visualise and communicate concepts to get ahead of the competition. Be it the creation and positioning of POS displays or the education of sales reps.


Stand design and content creation at the Salon International Exhibition

Technical Explanation.


Having full control over the content we create allows us to present the engineering of complex, technical product features and their applications, with ease.

3D allows us to go beyond the eye on a microscopic level, to show what is really going on and give your audience a deeper understanding of the product.

We can make the technical details as photo real as possible, or apply the brands' colours to give it that extra special dimension for better brand recognition and loyalty.


Using branded 3D animation to showcase the science behind this product

How 3D can reduce marketing spend.


  1. No need to shoot your product in multiple settings or from multiple angles.
  2. No need to wait for the prototype before you can shoot and advertise.
  3. No need to spend hours editing, when you can get it right first time and replicate it across your channels.

3D gives you full creative freedom and control over your content, allowing you to create something truly unique and memorable for your audience.


The original online education program had 3000 users in the first year, compared to 3000 in the first 3 months with the new 3D version.

Jason Huck Hinshaw, Multimedia Professional at Henkel

The 3D effect is something we haven’t used before as a company and thought the rendering really brought the SKUs to life.

Amy O'Connor, Brand Marketing Executive at Tangle Teezer


3D Render Examples.

Rolex promotional 3d visual
3D Content Production Landing Page
3D coffee promotional video
3D Production Use Cases

Digital Campaigns & Billboards

Product Glorification & Branding

Technical Explanation & How-Tos

Social Media


Exhibition & POS Video Walls

Packshots & Packaging Mock-Ups


Product Catalogues

Whatever you need visualised...

Academy of Hair
American Influencer Awards
Annings Cider
Association of Ideas
Authentic Beauty Concept
BC Bonacure
Bentley Motors
Brown Forman
Cawston Press
Chroma ID
Creative Head Magazine
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