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How we produce engaging visual content

Whether it's real video footage or CGI, visual content is a significant part of any marketing strategy.

We are here to inject creative energy and expertise into every step of the process,
working with you from the initial brief through to delivery.

Briefing & Consultation.


This is where we start to talk to you about the aim and scope of your project. We should be working together to get clarity on how we can support you in your creative vision.

We'll start to develop ideas and recommend helpful solutions to support your marketing and communication goals, allowing you to get a feel for what you can expect from us.

In return we like to get an understanding of your budget and time pressure so we know what kind of recommendations we can make.



  • Creative workshops
  • Consultancy
  • Research and development time
  • Content audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Scope of work outline
Creative Breakout Session - People on Sofas

Concept Development.


In the concept phase we detail out a plan of action based on information gathered during the briefing. We'll have break-out sessions to consider all potential options, before consolidating it into a structured plan that you can get behind.

We'll take the opportunity to share as much of our creative thinking as possible with you, so you feel comfortable with where we're headed and confident to commission the project.



  • Creative direction
  • Look & feel mood boards
  • Storyboarding
  • Scripting
  • Mock-Ups
  • Sketches
  • Recommendations & proposal



We have a clear vision of what to create and can assign the respective teams and resources to bring it to life. We consider the most effective techniques to achieve the desired result and will involve you at appropriate stages to ensure you don't lose sight of what's going on.

Whether it's a video shoot, graphic design work or 3D animation, we'll get everything in place to meet your timeline.


  • Full project visibility
  • Access to a dedicated project manager
  • Organisation of the shoot
  • Location planning
  • Actors and models
  • Set design and building
  • Shot lists
  • Animatics
  • 3D modelling
Model in front of boat in Dubai



Lights, Camera, Action! The respective teams working on your project will be focused on creating the best possible outcome for you.

Regardless if it's our 3D artists modelling and animating photorealistic images, the video production team filming live footage, or the web team programming, we're all working towards your bespoke marketing objective and creative vision.


  • On-shoot access
  • Shoot management
  • Shoot direction
  • Sound & lighting
  • Photorealistic CGI and animation
  • Visual effects
  • Music & sound effects
camera man silhouette and girl in front of white screen



We take the raw elements our teams worked on in the production phase and bring it all together, refining everything as we go. Depending on the project, this phase will involve retouching, grading and editing to ensure you receive the highest quality output.

The project manager will be working closely with you and the creative teams to ensure we're on-track to deliver. This is where we're working on a polished version to send over.


  • Colour grading
  • Sound mixing & mastering
  • Video editing
  • Compositing
  • Photorealistic CG elements and extensions
  • Motion graphics & animation
  • Quality assurance
Wine Bottle Corks

Finalisation & Delivery.


Every asset we've developed for you during the project is ready for you to distribute across your chosen communication channels. Throughout the project you have the opportunity to review our work and contribute. The final stage is no different. We're keen to hear what you think.

We'll provide you with your very own content communication pack in multiple formats, lengths and styles to ensure you have a consistent look and feel across all of your channels.


  • Images and visualisation for eCommerce platforms and online catalogues
  • Print and web assets
  • Cut downs and variations in format, lengths and style
  • Localisation and language adaptations
  • Secure storage of project data
  • Ongoing support from Customer Success Manager

I have a project

You have a goal in mind and you're trying to figure out how to achieve it with an agency, or if an agency is the best approach? The best way to know if we can help you, is to get in touch with us to see if we're a good fit and talk through next steps.

I don't have a project

Maybe you have something in the pipeline that’s not quite ready to execute yet, but you’re getting yourself prepared by researching how it could work, or looking for inspiration? Take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on already.

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