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The Rise of Customisation & Personalisation.

As brands continue to push the boundaries of just how personalised their products can be, consumers continue to search for their perfect beauty product. From this the beauty industry has been inundated with customised and personalised product options that show no sign of stopping.

It’s no secret that that latest retail trend to hit the beauty industry is customisation and personalisation, allowing consumers to communicate their individual needs to a brand and in return receiving a product tailored to them. Not only does this benefit the consumer by offering a bespoke product specialised for their needs, but it also allows brands to build insight driven consumer profile of individual customers.

When it comes to beauty regimes, everyone has their own ritual which they hope will fulfil their individual needs, however it can often take a large amount of trial and error to find that perfect product. This is why the development of personalised products are so successful. Being able to highlight problem areas and your individual goals ensures you are receiving a product that has the highest possible chance of fulfilling your needs.

The main fall back of personalisation is that consumers may not necessarily know their individual skin needs or profiles, which could lead to a product not working the way they intended. Most personalised products are created through online diagnosis tools, requiring the consumer to answer questions about their current problems and their goals. With many personalised products costing more than your average product, this is something you wouldn’t want to get wrong and we can’t all be expected to be skin or hair experts.

As the personalisation trend has grown, brands are constantly looking to push the boundaries of just how personalised their products can be. This is why in a recent launch with Schwarzkopf Professional, Prospekt aided in designing and developing the latest technology to enhance the personalisation experience, Salon Lab Smart Analyser. The in-salon smart analyser reads the condition of the hair, creates a personal profile of the hair and then recommends personalised products, treatments and colours, all based on true insights. This truly innovative technology ensures the treatment, product or colour will be successful for the individual. It also allows clients who may be unsure about what they need from a product to experience the benefits of personalisation.

This trend shows no signs of slowing down, with retailers continuing to experiment with online and in-store customised activations, and some brands basing their whole concept on personalisation. We can be sure that the boundaries will continue to be pushed, to create fully personalised and customised products. After all, who doesn’t want products created just for them?

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