Instagram Introduces Shoppable Posts

Instagram Introduces Shoppable Posts.

Social media channels, such as Instagram, are continuously working to streamline the way we shop online. With 55% of consumers buying something online after discovering it on social media, it comes as no surprise that Instagram has recently launched shoppable posts.

As Instagram pushes to play a key role within e-commerce, the site has recently launched a shoppable post feature in efforts to create a seamless online shopping experience. Allowing products to be tagged in posts, and purchases made, Instagram have removed the process of switching between apps and browsing for the specific product, successfully streamlining the consumer journey taken when shopping via social media. On the other hand, it allows retailers to track how many sales have been driven by a specific Instagram post. These insights are invaluable for brands. Having a deeper understanding of what social content drives their consumers to make purchases, ensures marketing departments can successfully optimize Instagram profiles to drive sales.

For many brands this feature has the potential to have a positive effect on their consumers journey, specifically when it comes to purchasing. Consumers go through many stages before committing to purchasing a product. Once they have decided on a brand or product, if the purchasing experience isn’t consumer friendly, a brand is likely to lose a sale. As mentioned before this is an increasingly difficult experience to fulfil as consumers expect fast, user friendly services. Reducing the number of clicks, time or steps from decision to purchase is something the Instagram shoppable post has offered to brands.

Pushing the potential for shoppable posts even further, Instagram has recently started trialling shoppable posts for influencers. It’s no secret that influencers can have a staggering impact across social media platforms and are becoming an integral part of brands marketing strategies. The option to now allow consumers to shop directly from their sponsored posts, only adds to influencers potential. With influencer channels likely to generate higher interactions, over brand channels, due to the human connection, this development could make influencers marketing & Instagram presence all the more important when looking to develop ecommerce potential.

It is clear that advances in technology and platforms are currently revolutionising the ways in which we shop, experience brands and interact with products. As these technologies and platforms continue to grow and develop, the consumer journey we go through will continue to be enhanced and shaped.

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