Rolex Research & Development.

Products that are built with iconic craftsmanship, to the highest quality, demand the same high standard from the visual content supporting the product. Product glorification content allows consumers to understand the high quality of the product through the visualisation, and when executed successfully achieve this high-quality standard.

Using digital techniques, creating the product in CGI (computer generated imagery) allows for full control over every aspect. Due to the level of control and high-quality of the visual, the product is realistically represented, without having to go through the process of correcting imperfections that may be captured when filming. As well as not having to worry about imperfections, there are an array of benefits to having this level of control. Something as small as adjusting the angle of a shot would require a complete reshoot when filming, however with CGI this isn’t the case. Due to the 3D nature of the asset, it can be viewed and captured from all angles. Once this 3D asset is created, it can be reused and repurposed within a variety of content. In most circumstances, video would require a new shoot for each piece of content.

Rolex Research & Development

Within the video itself there are a range of panning shots. These focus on the details of the product, enhancing the curves and materials used. Paying close attention to the detail, without showing the product in full has also allowed for anticipation of the final reveal to build. Creating this anticipation keeps the consumer watching the content, as their interest grows in the product and their want to know builds. As the product is fully visualised digitally, there is control over the texture of the materials. Focusing in on the detail puts the materials used front and centre, an element within the creation of the product that Rolex themselves promote. From understanding the elements Rolex pride themselves on we were able to create a CGI video that promoted the product, whilst conveying the brand image consistently.

Rolex Research & Development

Through focusing on the detailed elements of the product, whilst evoking the well know brand image, the CGI video successfully glorifies the product in the best possible light. Allowing consumers to buy into the brand and the lifestyle that is associated with it. Content such as this is often used when launching a new premium product. If you or your brand is in need of product glorification content, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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