Bentley Motors Research & Development.

As Bentley approaches its centenary celebration, the brand has taken pride in honouring its influential racing heritage. Producing just 100 Continental GT Number 9 Editions, the brand pays homage to the No.9 Blower. Arguably one of the most famed Bentley motors. This exceptional celebration of heritage perfectly showcases the bold first in class history the brand is recognised for. Creating a CGI animation that encompasses the unmistakable craftsmanship, exquisite design & undeniable link between the 2 cars, is our way of celebrating this extraordinary brand.

From bringing to life the blueprints of the Bentley Blower, you instantly become submersed in the detail & craftsmanship Bentley instilled into the design. From here anticipation builds as the Bentley Blower is brought to life, with the iconic 9 grills making the initial transition from No 9 Blower to Continental GT Number 9 Edition. To further link the 2 models, a side view of the No 9 Blower dynamically transitions into the Continental GT Number 9 Edition. Finishing with both cars visualised together successfully symbolises the heritage being celebrated through the new limited edition.

When creating the CGI animations there were a range of technical processes and creative decisions made to achieve the desired outcome.

The initial blueprint is an existing asset which has been animated in After Effects and transferred into Cinema 4D in order to achieve the initial reveal CGI animation. The blueprint visual begins to showcase the detail in the design process of a Bentley, building anticipation as consumers anticipate the reveal.

Once the reveal begins, Voronoi Fracture, along with a range of effectors, have been utilised, revealing vehicle piece by piece. Further adding to the anticipation as reveal continues to grow.  For the final Bentley Blower reveal the iconic ‘9’ is visualised using a range of effectors and X-Particles, creating a connected, smooth animation.

Moving into the Continental GT Number 9 Editions reveal, there is the use of more Voronoi Fracturing and X-Particles, in order to keep the look and feel consistent throughout the video. Here we see the No 9 Bentley Blower transforming into the Continental GT Number 9 Editions, making a clear link visually between the 2 vehicles. Building on the visual impact, all scenes were exported into After Effects to add final touches such as chromatic aberration, smoke & dust.

Finally the logo is revealed, X-Particles have been advected by fluid simulation to achieve an organic geometric look. Using Trapcode on top of the advected animations allows for the Bentley logo to grow and visualise.

The repetition of various processes and editors has allowed the overall look to remain consistent throughout the CGI animation, allowing each section to flow seamlessly from one to the other. These processes also build anticipation during build ups and added dramatic emphasis during reveals.

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