The Power of Video Over Image

The Power of Video Over Image.

It's no secret that all social media platforms use a range of algorithms that are ever changing and evolving. However one area of the algorithms that remains a constant, is the ranking of video based posts.  When it comes to the posts we can share on these platforms, there are 4 main types; written, image, external url and video. Each of these can rank differently depending on the specific platform and what the foundation of the platform is based on, yet they all have one thing in common, they are based on content and want their users to consume the highest quality of this.

When it comes to the quality of content, video will always rank high. It is easy for the viewer to consume and gives you a larger amount of time to communicate more of your message whilst truly conveying your tone of voice. Due to video offering the basis for true high quality content, it ranks highly on most social media platforms. This ranking shows that whilst video may often be seen as an expensive form of content, the value it can offer is great. It also doesn't have to be as expensive as people often think. Video styles such as stop motion, basic animation and re-purposing shot video can all offer the high ranking on social platforms whilst proving valuable in terms of content creation.

Our partners at Liberty Marketing released a case study highlighting the results of a Facebook paid campaign. Within this campaign a range of both videos and image carousels were utilised across multiple posts, with all the posts clicking through to the same landing page. The statistics from the campaign highlight that video produced the highest results across the board, from impressions, unique click through, landing page views and overall reach.

In comparison to the high ranking content, there are also post types that are purposely ranked low by these platforms. Most online destinations are aiming to keep you on their site for as long as possible, and this is definitely the case with social media platforms. Because of this, posts that share url's to external online destinations often rank extremely low, and therefore often gain the least amount of traction from potential consumers.

At Prospekt Agency we offer a variety of video content types, from high end motion graphics and animation, through to video production re-purposing and editing. If you'd like to know more about our services or discuss how we can support you with an upcoming project, please contact us through the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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