3D Stop Motion Flatlays.

Currently many brands are posting aesthetically pleasing flatlays on social media, which have proved popular with consumers. Due to the amount of content consumed daily rising, and consumers attention spans falling, it was imperative we created something simple, eye-catching & aesthetically pleasing to stop the consumer from scrolling. In order to stand out amongst the noise, we have taken the flatlay and developed it into an eye-catching stop motion. Due to the nature of the flatlays they are highly versatile, offering shots impossible to achieve through traditional methods and with a quick turnaround speed.

With the 3D packshots and assets already created for Sparks, the stop motion flatlays are able to offer great return on investment for social media content.
3D Motion Flatlay
3D Motion Flatlay

Social Media Content.

Stop motion flatlays offer a great 'alternative' to video content for social media. With the frame rate reduced to gain a stop motion effect, the production of the content costs less, whilst still receiving the all important algorithm benefits of uplaoding a video to social media. If you want more information on social media content, be sure to get in touch.