Salcombe Gin.

We were approached by Salcombe gin to assist in the generation of 3D rendered product shots and fully 3D animated product videos for their range of exceptional gins.
Salcombe gin's incredibly strong bond with the sea meant we knew from the outset there was going to be a lot of fluid simulation involved but we were up for the challenge.
In addition we were changed with a number of small product video shoots and edits for their other ranges and an extensive photo shoot for their full product catalogue, all using our in house studio.
Salcombe Gin 10
Salcombe Gin 6
Salcombe Gin 11
Salcombe Gin 23
Salcombe Gin 21
Salcombe Gin 22

About the Client.

Inspired by the coastal vitality of Salcombe and its shipbuilding heritage, Salcombe Distilling Co. creates exceptional gin at its waterside distillery on Island Street, Salcombe; one of the world’s only distilleries directly accessible by boat.

Salcombe Gin 15

The Plan.

With such beautiful branding and incredible intricate bottle design, we ensured that every nuance was focused on. The key water element, bring the bond between Salcombe gin and the ocean, allowed us to have natural reveals and dissolves between the various scenes.

Salcombe Gin 34
Salcombe Gin 33
Salcombe Gin 32
Salcombe Gin 31
Salcombe Gin 30
Salcombe Gin 29
Salcombe Gin 28
Salcombe Gin 27
Salcombe Gin 26
Salcombe Gin 25
Salcombe Gin 24
Salcombe Gin 3


The sea and Salcombe gin and beautifully combined into a simple but elegant series of reveal videos leaving no doubt of either the quality of the products or the ethos and heritage that has moulded Salcombe gin.