Sparks Education Technology Visualisations.

Clearly explaining the unique properties and features of a new product is always a complex balance between a marketing need to 'glorify' and ensuring that core statements are backed up.

3D as a media provides an excellent way to put a camera where it could otherwise not go. Taking what would otherwise be potentially dull top down microscope photo or an uninspiring 2d illustration and bringing them to life.

For this project, Sparks came to us with a new permanent to demi-permanent transformation product. Core to its differentiation from other products on the market was explaining the 'problem' and in turn the benefits of this magical transformer. Their issue was explaining in a short simple way, how and why this product worked as well as the financial benefits to their clientele.

We decided that in order to clearly frame the product, the whole process needed to be visualised. Starting with 3D fluid animation to demonstrate the mixing process before delving down to a single hair, showing how a standard product interacted with the cuticle and inner hair and how adding the new transformer product impacted this, at all times highlighting the ph changes via a sliding graph, ensuring the scientific claims were shown.

Again 3D affords us the ability to create these 'impossible shots' and glorify a process in a way that makes it easily understandable by the audience. Ultimately if they understand the product and its unique qualities they are far more likely to buy.

Education Technology 3D Visual
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Education Technology Visual
Education Technology Visualisations

Enhancing Customer Understanding.

The power of 3D visualisation pays tribute to the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words". Clear 3D visualisations of your product and it's unique properties will help your customers understand your product in a way not previously achievable.

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