hair expert multiple device development

Digital Product Advisor Tool for Schwarzkopf Professional.

Hair Care is an increasingly personalised area of beauty care, offering specialist solutions that address customers’ individual hair needs. While the benefits of targeted care products are obvious, the increased number of products makes the choice harder than ever.

Personalised advice for everyone.

We developed Hair Expert to resolve this dilemma at scale, allowing hairdressers and end-consumers alike to easily find the best possible product, including supporting information, such as tutorials and complementary product recommendations.

Solutions like this are especially important at a time where customers are looking for digital support at point of purchase; a trend confirmed by Mintel, who report that 45% of beauty buyers in the US prefer to search for product information in-store on their mobile device rather than asking for assistance from a sales associate.

Mobile devices are the new personal beauty shopping assistant.

Hair Expert Product Advisor mobile screens

Single solution.

Developed as a web-first application, Hair Expert is an extremely versatile platform available on several websites and in the iOS and Android app stores.

Powered by the same backend and database, platforms are always up to date and despite the availability in 21 languages, the smart content management processes have cut global update costs by more than 40%.

It also handles global re-directs to product landing pages on the local level to distribute the traffic effectively.

hair expert multiple device development

Powerful backend and algorithm.

Being a professional tool, dozens of factors, such as natural hair needs, chemical processing, and age are factored in to find the perfect product match. A powerful, user-friendly backend enables product specialists to feed the proprietary algorithm with almost 40 variables per product for spot-on recommendations.

Hair expert product advisor tool results page
Hair expert product advisor tool results page
Hair expert product advisor tool results page

User Adoption.

Since its transition to a web-first approach, Hair Expert’s monthly active users have skyrocketed, helping tens of thousands of users every month make the best choice for their very own hair care regime – across the whole customer journey on the web, in-salon and at point of sale.

Hair Expert Product Advisor Website and Application Development
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