3D Salon Visualisation

3D Salon Pre-Visualisation for Authentic Beauty Concept.

Bringing the elements of a new brand together is a heavy task. Getting others to understand and embrace the same vision is even harder.

Prospekt were brought in to work with key stakeholders from Schwarzkopf Professional to build a 3D Authentic Beauty Concept salon, bringing design visuals and brand elements to life.

Power of Pre-Visualisation.


The ability to assist a brand by creating marketing visuals and videos pre-launch is powerful. Whether it's a full brand launch with salon design, or a new product range, 3D gives us the ability to start working with marketing teams before products have gone into manufacturing.

The benefits to campaign planning lead times and the ability to get ahead of changes are huge.

The pre-visualisation process allowed our client to change key details such as, materials, furniture, colours, positioning and enhance the POS. It also gave them the opportunity to see all of their hard work in a clean, cohesive environment.

Once signed off, the scene was used to demonstrate the benefits of the ABC brand and assist in conveying its overall vision.

As well as various high resolution still renders for print, a full salon fly-through sequence was created for use in presentations and launch events, with several sub-edits and snippets being generated for social media usage.


3D Salon Visualisation
3D Salon Visualisation 1
3D Salon Visualisation 2
3D Salon Visualisation 3
3D Salon Visualisation 5
3D Salon Visualisation 4