4 reasons to use 3D animation for your marketing campaigns.


A lot of marketers we come into contact with want to know why they should use 3D for their marketing or educational campaigns. Here are 4 reasons, but I'm sure there are more. Add yours to the comments below.


3D captures "Impossible Shots"

3D allows you to capture, what we call, "impossible shots" - the kind of thing that would be too expensive or complex to capture on camera. This can be anything from dramatic explosions and fluid dynamics, through to highly technical product features. We can visualise molecules and textures at macro-zoom level.

3D content goes further for less

If you use the traditional method of capturing your products on camera you have to pay for a photographer or videographer to do their thing. They will probably do a great job of capturing your products. But you will only ever have those exact images to hand.

What if you need another angle of your product for another piece of content? You would have to call back the camera pro, which would incur an additional cost.

With 3D you can create a model of your product, which can be spun around and used however you choose. You can manipulate and re-use the 3D assets on any number of backdrops, and even make it move, giving you better value for money.

3D removes imperfection

When using a camera to capture your product, you will pick up some kind of imperfection that will likely need ironing out. There are ways to clean-up these imperfections, but why not create the product look you want first time around?

3D allows you to glorify your products and elevate your brand, ensuring your consumers see it in the best possible light.

OSIS+ Session Label Promotional 3d Product
OSIS+ Session Label Promotional 3d Product

3D creates a unique viewing experience

Because we design everything in software we have creative freedom and full control over the outcome, unlike traditional video.

We can manipulate reality however we choose, to deliver something uniquely memorable and impactful.

If you want to create something no-one has ever seen before, you should probably ask about 3D.

Colorworx Promotional product 3d shot

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