Jack Daniels Street Murals.

Jack Daniels approached us for their spring / bank holiday OOH campaign a nationwide guerilla street art campaign to cut through advertising noise, drive local sales and pieces that would encourage the creation of organically created content for promotion across digital social channels.
Jack Daniels Street Murals 11
Jack Daniels Street Murals 12
Jack Daniels Street Murals 14
Jack Daniels Street Murals 13
Jack Daniels Street Murals 15
Jack Daniels Street Murals 16

About the Client.

Jack Daniels inspires you to be LIVE BOLDLY, to seize every movement, to MAKE IT COUNT, to cut through the B.S, live their best life and make their own labels every chance they get.

Music, Dancing, Living Life Boldly, Seizing Every Moment, bring old school Jack Daniels cool to a new younger audience. The goal to create striking visuals with impact that cut through the noise of saturated market. 

The Plan.

We started the project by researching the local area so we could reflect the culture and encourage interaction, engagement and sharing across social and digital platforms, this then follows initial sketching where lot’s of ideas come and let the creativity flow! After communicating with the client and working together with design iterations we would refine each individual mural making sure its the vison they were hoping for. 

Jack Daniels Street Murals


Jack is known for their impact in the advertisement world, and this was no exception! The iconic brand wanted to make sure you couldn’t miss them on your commute, and what better way than a 24 meter tall painting towering over you! From the 28th of April these mural popped up all over the UK! With Nationwide coverage for 4 weeks the murals had a viewing reach of over 3.2 million impressions based on traffic! *Not including pedestrians

The Prospekt team had a lot of fun with this project, and always enjoy the impact and creativity Jack Daniel's brings!