HAPTIQ System 3D.

Prospekt worked with Schwarzkopf Gliss to produce a new set of 3D animated technology videos for its new product range -including Night Elixir Overnight Repair by Schwarzkopf Gliss with HAPTIQ System. The videos were to clearly explain the benefits of this new technology via live action footage combined with high end glorified science 3D sequences.
HAPTIQ System 3D 2
HAPTIQ System 3D 1
HAPTIQ System 3D

About the Client.

More than 120 years ago, the German chemist and pharmacist Hans Schwarzkopf laid the foundations for a brand that has been at the forefront of innovation ever since. Combining quality ingredients and the latest haircare technology, reliability, expertise and craftsmanship are the cornerstones of everything the brand does and stands for.

The Plan.

Mood boards and storyboards formed the basis for initial discussions and planning for the 3D and video sequences needed for this project. Initial 3D models were then constructed to allow the client to sign off the look and feel of both the models and particles prior to animation beginning.

HAPTIQ System 3D 3
HAPTIQ System 3D 4
HAPTIQ System 3D 5
HAPTIQ System 3D 6
HAPTIQ System 3D 7
HAPTIQ System 3D 9
HAPTIQ System 3D 8
HAPTIQ System 3D 10


The final sequence of videos both clearly demonstrated the products, the technology and it's benefits while also being visually exciting. Technology and the glorification of scientific processes is something that Prospekt has always excelled at and if you have a project like  this to discuss, drop us a line.