Fords Gin.

Fords Gin approached us to work on their first Amazon+ Premium page; designing and shooting content to upload. We've created a strong relationship with Fords Gin over the years and they were confident in our ability to shoot, edit and upload everything creating the cohesive and engaging content you can see on Amazon now!
Fords Gin 12
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Fords Gin 14

About the Client.

Fords Gin is an award-winning gin made for cocktails; a classic London Dry Gin style using the highest quality botanicals by mapping the key ingredients of classic cocktails and matching them to a blend of 9 unique botanicals. The gin is therefore high in essential oils with a rich flavour and texture that is exceptional in Martinis, G&Ts and all classic gin drinks.

Fords Gin 9
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Fords Gin 15

The Plan.

We mapped out the movements we wanted to achieved in the video shoot making sure we captured Fords Gin intricate bottle shape and detailed label design.

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Fords Gin 6
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Fords Gin 16
Fords Gin 17
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Fords Gin 19


Here at Prospekt we can update your Amazon page just like we have done for Fords Gin. Similarly to Fords, we can refresh your products taking new photography and videography keeping you up to date with engaging imagery or footage that can be used on anything from your website to your social channels!

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