BF Night at the Museum.

You can trust that Brown Forman know how to throw a party and when the venue is the Natural history museum in London, you know it's going to be good.
Prospekt were approached to help design everything that would be needed to make it a night to remember, from the menu's, bottles, entrance hall banners and even on stage videos
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BF Night at the Museum

About the Client.

For more than 150 years, Brown‑Forman has enriched life by responsibly building fine quality beverage alcohol brands. We are crafters and coopers; all unique individuals united by a shared passion for our quality spirits and dynamic industry. Together, we share a common dedication to demonstrate and ensure there is Nothing Better in the Market

Brown Forman Party

The Plan.

We have several areas to cover, from initial invites right through to the drinks menus on the tables. So we needed a strong cohesive look and feel. Brown Forman with a party twist was the result.

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BF Night at the Museum 19
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BF Night at the Museum 7
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An incredible night was had by all, the booze flowed (obviously), the band rocked and if we do say so ourselves the room looked pretty nice too!

The highlight for our design team was creating a innovative design for the enormous timeline printed boards to span the length of the Natural history museums entrance hall. In the end measuring over 10 meters long.

BF Night at the Museum 1
BF Night at the Museum 2
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