Catching Colours: Igora ColorWorx video success story.

Catching Colours: Igora ColorWorx video success story..

When the team at Schwarzkopf Professional came to us with a new product and some intriguing concepts for advertising, it was hard not to jump at the chance to work on another exciting collaboration with them. We needed to create energetic, eye-catching visuals that popped with colour in the same way the product did. It was time to get our creativity flowing!

What we needed to achieve

Igora Colorworx was one of the first intense fashion colour ranges and Schwarzkopf Professional wanted to generate real user content as the keystone to the campaign, showing what was possible with the product when in the right hands. To get the campaign started we were tasked with creating the video to engage the hairdressers, stylists and professionals who could generate a wave of interest and content. We needed bold, bright imagery to convey the explosive creativity that was possible with Colorworx.

Catching Colours: Igora ColorWorx video success story. 1
Catching Colours: Igora ColorWorx video success story. 2

How we did it

To get inside the product and be more experimental than was possible with a camera, it was time to hand over to the 3D team. Through a mixture of 3D modelling and fluid simulations, using Realflow, we encapsulated the vivid colours and explosiveness of its creative potential. We were able to display the full colour palette and seamlessly incorporate the sleek packaging all within 30 seconds. Through dedication and a keen eye for detail, we were able to deliver the perfect result.


The result

The Recognition

Our ultimate goal is always customer satisfaction, but it’s an added bonus if what we deliver goes beyond that. When DesignRush approached us to include this video design within their Best Animated Videos chart it was the icing on the cake for what had been a challenging but rewarding project. We have taken the place at TOP United Kingdom Digital Agencies list.